Roll into the tale of a design leader that blends family, creativity, and growth mindset into a sparkling adventure!
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Creative people can change the world in positive ways faster and with more impact with AI. has content about AI helping creative people, design leadership, AI creating products, becoming business savvy, creative outlet, and visual storytelling.


Unleash Your Inner Genius

Transform wild ideas into reality! Dive into Tiffany Chin’s fun-filled tutorials on, where she mixes creative madness with Generative AI to teach everything from storytelling to startup smarts. Get ready to laugh and learn!


Laughing and learning with friends.

Tune in for tech, tales, and a ton of laughs! Join Tiffany Chin’s podcast on for her witty takes on AI, creativity, and business blunders. It’s all about learning from her adventures and mishaps in a fun, insightful way!


Gadgets with a lot of Giggling

Get the scoop on the latest tech toys! Find out what pockets the iPhone Pro Max fits in. Tiffany Chin’s lively reviews on break down the newest AI tools and gadgets with humor and honesty. Discover what’s hot and what’s not in tech, all while having a good chuckle!

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Custom Doll Sweaters

A Cozy Creation

My daughter asked for a doll sweater, and my son wanted to knit a beanie, so I dusted off my knitting needles, long dormant, trust me! We dove into rediscovering the joy of knitting with two pointy sticks for knitting! With some late-night YouTube inspiration, a background in fashion design from 20+ years ago, and a few caffeine-fueled hours, I crafted an adorable doll sweater.

Love the look? You can snag one of our custom-knit doll sweaters for your doll too! Head over to our Etsy store and wrap your doll in cozy, handmade charm, straight from our family to yours.


Who doesn't like stickers?

Deck out your world with a dash of Magenta magic! Grab these enchanting stickers inspired by “The Ballad of Magenta” and, and let Tiffany Chin’s creative spark jazz up your laptops, notebooks, skate ramps and more. Shop now on for a bit of fairy-tale flair!

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